Our story

Our legacy

HYPHEN BioMed is a supplier of innovative reagents for hemostasis
for over 20 years

Dr Jean Amiral and Mrs. Anne Marie Vissac
joined forces
HYPHEN BioMed joined
the Sysmex group
HYPHEN BioMed is still located
in Paris

The story of HYPHEN BioMed began in January 1999, when Dr Jean Amiral and Mrs. Anne Marie Vissac, French researchers in applied biology, joined forces with complementary knowledges, competences, and technological specialties to provide medical, pharmaceutical research and hospital laboratories innovative tools for research and specialized biological diagnostics for thrombosis, hemostasis, and auto-immune diseases.

HYPHEN BioMed's objective is to combine knowledge in its field of expertise with technological complementarities, and to be a link between fundamental research and laboratory applications in its field of competence. End of 2010, HYPHEN BioMed joined the Sysmex group, to enhance and provide the value of HBM acknowledged for the flexibility and responsiveness of its organization, its scientific know-how in the research and laboratory testing field of thrombosis, hemostasis, and auto-immune diseases.

Today, HYPHEN BioMed is still located in the great Paris area, in France. It produces most of its raw materials used to create and manufacture new research and diagnostic tools for the scientific and medical community. HYPHEN BioMed offers complete ranges of high-performance, standardized, and specialized reagents, thanks to the use of the latest technologies in the field of biotechnology and laboratory instrumentation.


Our Corporate philosophy

Our strategy

Cornerstone of HYPHEN BioMed: our positioning, our orientations, our values, and our behavior are defined by the company’s philosophy.



Shaping the advancement of healthcare
HYPHEN BioMed major focus concerns development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of in-vitro diagnostic and research reagents for all laboratory applications in Thrombosis and Hemostasis.
As an expert company, we provide innovative solutions, continuously renewed, with high added value to hospital laboratories (e.g., DOACs, HIT, Hemophilia), research institutions and pharmaceutical industry (including customized approaches).



We continue to create unique and innovative value, while building trust and confidence.
HYPHEN BioMed works closely with its international distributors. Because listening to our partners and working hand in hand means growing together, providing solutions, and advancing science.
HYPHEN BioMed is proud to remain a human scale company and has the ambition to strengthen links with scientific research, assay designers, distributors, and end-users to increase innovation and continuously improve the customer’s satisfaction.



With passion and flexibility, we demonstrate our individual competences We value the spirit of independence and challenge, and we give opportunities for growth and promotion to our teams, we reward work done. With over 40 years of experience Dr Jean Amiral, founder of HYPHEN BioMed, always transmits his knowledge to the R&D teams with the same high passion. Thus, his skills are perpetuated, enriched by brilliant staff. These connections allow the development of new assay methods for hemostasis, thrombosis, and auto-immunity.
Regularly, new techniques for testing blood activation markers, applied to cardiovascular alterations and thrombotic tendencies, are created. Original assays for autoimmune diseases, associated with an increased risk of thrombosis, are improving. This is how major discoveries are made at HYPHEN BioMed.


Our organization designed

to contribute to healthcare progresses

At HBM, we are dedicated to offer high-performance reagents

Research and development
  • Ability to adapt to needs, to manufacture new reagents resulting from our research, thanks to the investments and the renewal of our fleet of analytical instruments.
  • Proof of quality know-how, the main raw materials are developed and produced in-house. They undergo x controls, guaranteeing the purity of our products, ensuring the robustness of the reagents, and guaranteeing quality for your diagnostic results.
  • Continuous improvement of the organization, layout of analytical instruments and manufacturing equipment, allows the improvement of the teams’ production capacities and the workflow.
  • The company uses full equipment for cell culture, production of recombinant proteins, engineering, and purification of proteins from plasma or biological extracts.
  • Manufacturing machines include various lyophilizers, with a full capacity of up to 105,000 vials/cycle, and fully automated filling, capping and labelling lines (> 20,000 vials/hour).


Compliance with laws and regulations

HYPHEN BioMed fulfills its obligations

Ethical behavior


    French law of December 29, 2011 relating to the strengthening of the health safety of medicines and health products imposes
    the transparency of the links www.transparence.sante.gouv.fr between health industries
    and the health actors referred to in article L .1453-1 of the Public Health Code.


    Since January 1st, 2018, the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice regulates all aspects of the industry’s relationship
    with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations, to ensure that all interactions are always ethical and professional
    and to maintain the trust of regulators, and – most importantly – patients.

Quality system


    HYPHEN BioMed Guarantees and maintains its compliance with the quality management system in accordance with the provisions
    of the ISO 13485, the MDSAP Program and comply with worldwide regulations relating to In Vitro diagnostic medical devices.